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The Reaper Handbook

For those new to the duties of a Reaper

The Reaper Image...
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What does a Reaper do?

A Reaper's duty is rather simply- To maintain the game, present challenges, and eliminate players. The purpose of this is to weed out the weaklings, those who don't deserve to live again. Reapers accomplish these goals by creating Walls, summoning noise, and playing "Games" with the Players. By general rule, Reapers do not fight Players directly, save in special conditions. Reapers are classified into three distinct groups- Harriers, Broadcasters, and Sentinels. NPC Reapers are known as "Support" Reapers. All Reapers are overseen by the Game Master, or GM, who gives them orders on how to proceed, and where. While Reapers are given an amount of freedom on how they do it, it is still the GM whom they must report to.

Generic Support Reapers...
The Reaper Handbook Support

Reapers have the ability to cross dimensions- That is, enter the Real Ground and Underground at will. They are capable of living in the real world, as if resurrected, but at the price of being able to be called into the game. While in the RG, they have none of their Reapers powers, however, while in the UG they are able to use Psychs, like Players, and have Black Wings- A symbol of their manifested power.

How do you become a Reaper?

Becoming a Reaper is accomplished by showing yourself to be a capable individual in the game- Essentially, Reapers are recruited from surviving players. In certain cases, Players are not given the choice of resurrection at the end of the week. In such cases, rather then playing again, a Player may instead enlist as a Reaper. In such a case, their life is in service to the Composer, and in turn, the Conductor, who has the power to turn Players into Reapers. Granted their iconic black wings, life as a Reaper is not simple- Just as a Player must work to live, so much a Reaper. In order to survive, Reapers must earn points for their "Score." This is done in a single way-

Competition is common between Reapers...
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The elimination of players. The "Score" is in actuality a method of determining how long a Reaper has to live. When a Reaper is first born, they have two weeks to live. In order to increase this, they must erase players, each kill granting them another weeks worth to live. For this reason, many reapers are unable to rise higher, or even survive long. In rare cases in which a Reaper is able to do well, they are able to rise to the rare rank known as "Officer." The Game Master is always an Officer Class Reaper. The minimum requirement for becoming an officer is having erased at least ten Players, a difficult venture.


The Reaper classes are essentially the same as a Players, save except for Fusion, Reapers have the ability to utilize "Noise" Pins- Pins which have the ability to summon Noise and command them. Reapers take on the class equivalent they had as a Player. Meaning, Prodigies become Harriers, Synthesists become Broadcasters, and Psychics become Sentinels.

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Harrier - Harriers are the strongest of the Reapers in terms of Pin control, able to use high level Pins. Harriers can carry a decent amount of Pins, however, have poor abilities concerning the control of Noise. Harriers typically prefer direct confrontation with Players, and often the most feared Reapers to face because of it. Harriers have their Pin Limit increase every two levels, their Pin Slots every three, and their Noise Control every four levels. Reaper equivalent to the Prodigy.

Broadcaster - Broadcasters are Noise specialists- While not able to manipulate their Powers in the same amount of ways as other Reapers, Broadcasters are able to produce and control the most amount of Noise. Broadcasters fight indirectly, summoning Noise for Players to fight and distract others. While not necessarily Shy, Broadcasters are typically less arrogant then say a Harrier. A Broadcaster's Pin Limit increases every three levels, while their Pin Slots increase every four, and their Noise Control increases every two turns. Reaper equivalent to the Synthesist.

Sentinel - The last class, Sentinel, serves where other Reapers do not- Specifically, their number of Pins is of a greater number then others. Incapable of producing the willpower of other Reapers, their comprehension of pins gives them the a far greater versatility. Sentinels are best suited to the guarding and producing of Gates, as they are able to produce a variety of situations for Players to deal with. The Sentinel's Pin Limit increases every four levels, their Pin slots every two levels, and finally, their Noise Control every three levels. The Reaper equivalent to the Psychic.

Playing as a Reaper

Being a Reaper is a hard task, and rules aplenty. Essentially, however, there a few core guidelines to be followed,

1. Listen to the Game Master. He IS the Boss.

2. Don't directly attack Players. Don't matter how high level you are, its against rules in normal situations.

3. When creating a wall, do not make impossible conditions.

4. A Reaper may not issue a challenge that includes erasing other Players. They may make challenges that require them to erase Reapers, however, including them self.

5. Reapers must be able to enter the UG and work in the Game whenever they are asked to do so.

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Reapers are able to produce "Walls", invisible barriers that Reapers and other high level entities and able to cross, but are, well, walls for Players. This walls cannot be broken by normal psyches, and may be opened if the Reaper has set a special condition to open it. This can be the erasing of a specific group of Noise, the obtaining of a certain object, a password, or even defeating the Reaper! Regardless, while the task may be hard, by no way can a wall's condition be COMPLETELY impossible to open if its necessary to proceed for a mission. This isn't to say a Reaper can't succeed- Merely they cannot win by default.

The Reaper Games

A collection of Games played by Reapers with each other and Players, these are not set ways for a Reaper to proceed in a game, but are popular and gives them an idea on how to perform their tasks. The games are,

Reaper Game#1 - Russian Roulette
A highly dangerous game in which a pair of Reapers or a Reaper and a Player will take out two highly destructive Pins and place them upon their head. They are to randomly select a number one from six, in which if they choose the specific wrong number, they will die from their own pin's power. Requires at least a moderator to oversee, as well as select the "Deadly" number. Numbers chosen by each participant remains hidden, so as to not reveal numbers for them to pick. The same number may not be chosen again. The one who lives, in the case of a Reaper, will gain a Kill for their count, while a Player will receive an 75 experience point increase for surviving. Stopping mid-game will give rewards to neither. May not be used as a Wall Condition.

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Reaper Game#2 - Hide and Seek
Essentially the same as it's realground counterpart, Hide and Seek has the Reaper disappear and hide somewhere in Shibuya, while the other players will attempt to seek them out. Reapers are required to give over time a total of three hints to their location. May be used as a Wall condition.

Reaper Game#3 - Player Hunt
A game between two or more Reapers which consists in a time period negotiated by those playing, in essence, it is a game in which all Reapers will attempt to erase as many players as possible- The one who erases the most will not only get their kills added to their score, but will also take the kills of the losers as well. Any Reaper who agrees to play this may not quit after gaining at least one Player erased. Obviously, can't be used for Wall Conditions.

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Reaper Game#4 - Tag
Reaper Tag is a game played with Players, in which they will attempt to tag the player with direct contact. (I.E. Not Pins, but patting them with their hand.) Pins may be used during the game, and it may be used as a Wall Condition. However, the Reaper may not during the game escape to an area where it is impossible for the Players to reach.

Reaper Game#5 - Psychic Duel
One of the rare circumstances in which a Reaper and Players may directly face off, a Reaper will offer a duel to the Players. They are not forced to accept, however, if done so, then the Reaper may fight directly all they want, no longer simply relying on noise and erase at their pleasure. Reaper Duels in which the Reaper is stronger then the players are unable to limit the number of players they are fighting. However, in which case they fight a player equal or higher then their level, they may limit it to a solo duel. May be used as a Wall Condition. Duel ends when all enemies are incapacitated, surrender, or erased.

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