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Post by The Composer on Thu Apr 22, 2010 5:25 pm


The denizens of the UG are bound to be erased. Their fate is tied to their own personal life timers. Succeeding allows them to prolong it, and even stop it. But failure means but one thing- Erasure. Being erased may be caused by all failing to complete a mission, running out of time, and by being defeated by a Noise, Reaper, or Player. Erasure is by no means a pleasant thing. Your existence as you know it is torn apart and scrambling, a mess of soul fragments. Scrambled, leaving only Noise behind. In the Game, being Erased is possible. By working as a team, you can escape erasure. But even then, there are no promises, as there none in life.

If you player a Character and it is Erased, you may create a new character who may start with the Pins they once had (Special Pins are exceptions), and start at half the level they were once at. If they were a Race other than Player, they may or may not be able to keep the same Race they had, forcing them to start once more as a Player. If your character had Modship rights due to his position, they will likely be lost. This does not apply to Modship of characters, pins, or Adminship, but rather, modship over a group. Exceptions are possible, depending on circumstances. An erased character will No longer exist. They will not be dead, but beyond dead. As such, a being erased cannot play a game again.

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