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Welcome To Canine City

Welcome to [color:e418=A6A8B7]Canine City. We're an active canine roleplay set in a fictional city called Ravis, who was shut down by the government after a [color:e418=A6A8B7]viral outbreak erupted from within the bowls of their own laboratories. Sick and infected, [color:e418=A6A8B7]the humans were evacuated, while some remained and died off. The government secluded the city, by building a 100 story high wall around its perimter. Nothing gets in, [color:e418=A6A8B7]nothing gets out. Now, there is life here. Only the canines are ruling the streets. Split into six packs, there are the mafia, the wolf pack [color:e418=A6A8B7]Dramamine, who want to be the only ones thriving here, and are demising a plan to turn the canines against one another. But lo and behold, the dogs are onto their schemes. Now a brand new pack consisting of [color:e418=A6A8B7]thieves are stealing from other packs, and not just food. Will you come and join the elite? Or will you cower and [color:e418=A6A8B7]bow down?

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