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Name: Brennan Ramona Holt

Nickname: He had a dozen or so nicknames in the past… it’s just none of them were very nice.

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Birthday: December 23rd

Appearance: Brennan is average: completely, utterly, and wholly average. If you saw him on the street you probably wouldn’t give him a second glance or care at all who he is. When Brennan walks into a room he makes zero to no impression. Most people never notice he’s there.

Brennan is a scrawny little guy, only hovering around 5’8” and a little less than 126 pounds. He was usually the kid you’d see getting stuffed into trashcans, because A) he fit in them rather nicely and B) he was easy to lift. It’s not his fault, he just doesn’t want to waste his precious time lifting weights and having any semblance of being manly—rather, he dotes his time to video games and reading (his fingers are marvelously muscular, if anyone wanted to look at them). Thus, he’s basically a walking stick. No muscles at all and just twiggy limbs flailing about.

Brennan also does nothing to make himself look better. While Shibuya is all about fashion, Brennan does his best—so it seems—to avoid it. His haircut is something his mom did (which is obvious), his blond tresses snapped off cruelly by his whimsical mother’s kitchen scissors. It’s vaguely bowl-shaped. But it is pretty hair, anyway, sense it is a natural blonde color and very light on the fingers. He could do wonders with it… he just never wants to. It’s the same with his clothes: he really likes T-shirts. And not just any T-shirt… most of them are emblazoned with Star Wars characters (mostly Darth Vadar) or video game chibis. Pair them up with some tattered jeans (not the cool expensive ones either, these are real holes he made) and some disgusting white sneakers he wears to mow the lawn and you have his typical outfit. Lovely, isn’t it?

But Brennan does have a sort-of appealing feature to his name: a kind, honest face. Unlike almost anybody else, he wears his emotions plain, easily detectable on his innocent face. He’s got wide blue eyes, that border on a stormy gray, and a sweet mouth. His cheeks are always flushed with confusion or anger, a light pink tracing his high cheekbones.

Personality: Brennan is, in all actuality, a dork. And many only see this simple part of him. Even though it does make up quite a bit of his overall persona.

He’s always had a deep love for anything remotely geeky. He loves to read and write (fanfiction), adores movies featuring lightsabers, and has a passion for cosplaying (truth is, he does make beastly costumes). His room used to be covered with little figurines, countless Darth Vadar posters, and costumes he’s made. Even now, despite death, he still likes anything others would sneer at—basically, anything that would count as weird or eccentric.

This might be because Brennan IS weird and eccentric. He comes up with the most irrational thoughts that most can’t keep up with him. With his sudden loud exclamations about crazy conspiracies, little harpies, and inevitable alien invasions most deem him crazy. Brennan is definitely weird and quirky, maybe a tad bit crazy, but he’s level-headed enough to keep his brains. The boy is smart in the geekiest kind of ways. Yes, he can beat the Star Wars Lego game in a cinch, but he’s also got wicked hacker skills and phenomenal programming abilities. He’s got the down low on the latest technology and can warp them in his little hands like a four-year-old and Playdo. He’s smart academically too, but that’s diminished compared to his vast knowledge on anything with a ringtone.

Brennan is a scaredy-cat though, true till the end. He’s never been a fighter and wet his bed till he was seven. He’s the LAST guy to go deep into any fray and sometimes opts out of them too by running away like a baby. He may be able to dish out answers like the next Einstein, but he can’t fight for squat… at least in the RG. He’s not very eager to try it in the UG though either. He hates confrontation and isn’t the most competitive kid out there, even for his life.

However, despite being the biggest dork in Shibuya, he is a decent kid. He’s meek and shy—very meek and shy—and can stumble over his words in the presence of a cute girl, but he’s nice. He’s pretty honest (even though he sugar coats a lot of things) and has a good sense of honor too. In fact, honor is very important to him. The last thing he would ever do is disgrace himself (and no, he doesn’t consider gushing about Darth Vadar disgraceful). Brennan has an awesome sense of right and wrong and isn’t afraid to flaunt it.

History: Brennan Holt was actually born in America. He lived in Texas, where everything is generally bigger, as he proved in his fifth grade science project (he got second place). He lived in a trailer with his mom, because they were regrettably dirt poor, in the ‘lovely’ desert of Terlingua. His life… well, it wasn’t that great.

His dad was long gone. His mother was the type who didn’t really dwell on anything and believed that Area 51 held several aliens that the government was hiding. She was flighty and nice, but had a good head on her shoulders (she was only slightly crazy). She wasn’t a bad mom to have considering all the other folk who lived (willingly) in a desert. Brennan was homeschooled and lived a quiet life, with little drama to be heard of. Because, honestly, who else would live in a desert?

His mom was just a modest waitress that worked in the local lodge, for people who were a little more sane and only visited the Texan desert. She was a hardcore gambler, however, and dreamed of moving away to a place far, far away. It was only hope that made her buy that lottery ticket one scorching afternoon. But it was luck that made her win the prize.

One day Brennan was some kid in a trailer, the next he was the kid of the lottery winner. His life was transformed instantly. His mom decided they were going to move and she bought all sorts of things. She did win the Mega Million, so Brennan didn’t complain. As far as he knew, they were basically rich. This meant he could get all the video games he wanted, which was fine with him.

His mother decided they would move to Japan, because she was very fond of sushi (again, only slightly crazy). Brennan had no qualms about that either—Japan made all the really cool video games anyway. He picked up the language through a private tutor before they left—even though he would forever have a slight twangy accent—and off they were. His mother was thrilled. Fifteen-year-old Brennan was along for the ride.

They moved to Shibuya and set up a seemingly cozy life there. Brennan went to a public school (and was bullied accordingly) and his mother started her own fashion line, inspired by the desert she used to live in. It was actually mildly successful.

By the time Brennan was seventeen, he was dubbed a loser. He had no friends really and his mother was usually gone. This left room for his inner dork to thrive and the peace and quiet necessary to do really stupid things. As in, doing insane tricks on a trampoline.

Brennan’s mom had bought him a trampoline when she was certain he was going to get fat from playing too many video games. It wasn’t used often, but sometimes Brennan would go out and give it a few choice hops, just to please his mom. But that fateful afternoon he had just watched Final Fantasy: Advent Children. In the movie, Cloud (the main broody character) had done some wicked moves while being suspended in air longer than anyone could ever possibly be. Whatever, sense Brennan was determined to replicate some of the moves anyway. He hopped up onto that trampoline and attempted some flips.

For awhile, everything was going great. He had just mastered the backward flip when he sprang into the air one final time, whirled around, fell off the trampoline, and snapped his neck.

It was a clean death, for sure.

He was then tossed into the Game, which he joined eagerly, because really… who wants to be dead?

1. Do you consider yourself a person who knows himself best, your best friend/girlfriend/boyfriend, or people in general?
“Uh, well… I never had a girlfriend. Never. And um, I’m not the type who’d have a boyfriend—that’s really weird—uh. I guess myself? I’m the only one who knows I sometimes fantasize about becoming Darth Vadar and blowing the world up into smithereens.”

2. Do you prefer to work alone, with people, or don't care?
“Well, every time I work with people they always cheat off my homework, which is REALLY annoying. So… alone I guess….”

3. What would strategy would you prefer? Offensive, Defensive, or both?
“Ohmegee, am I going to have to fight something?! Uh, both! But does that mean I have to fight?”

4. Why do you fight? For yourself? A cause? Others?
“Er… I don’t fight? But I guess I’ll say a cause, just cuz.”
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