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Post by Izaya on Fri Apr 02, 2010 1:15 pm

Name: Izaya Norohara
Nickname: The Watcher
Age: Nineteen
Gender: Male
Birthday: June 3rd

Appearance: Izaya stands at about 5'6", with short jet black hair and dark hazel eyes. Thin and lanky with the body of a sprinter, he isn't much to speak of muscle-wise but it is notably flexible, being able to wrap his body around nearly any obstacles. He has light skin like most and wears a somber smile upon his face. He prefers to wear dark clothing, preferably blacks and grays and wears a fluffy coat with a long-sleeved shirt underneath and simple but functional black jeans.

Izaya Norohara Izaya-Orihara-durarara-10104008-338-500

Personality: Izaya is a enigmatic character whom does not freely divulge information, preferring to bargain for past and futures, believing that if you're dead, than all you have left to you is whom you are. Why would he give that freely away? Somewhat of a sadist he enjoys toying with people, seeing how far their wits will allow them to go before at last they snap. He does not consider himself an evil person, and while admitting to be no saint, he also argues that he is a "Necessary" devil. The world didn't get things done by peace offering and giving each other flowers. The youth has no care for fool's silliness, and speaks down upon individuals whom have no sense of true humanity. He admits himself to being somewhat of a flirt, enjoying speaking with gals and tempting them, however effectively it may be, with playful words and sweet treats. Izaya speaks in riddles and poetry imagery, casting a picture that, assuming you're not a complete and total fucking idiot, you'll hopefully be able to read.


Izaya was a former member of a Yakuza, acting as a scout of sorts for operations. His jobs when the Yakuza was forced to more demeaning methods of acquisition of funds and goods was to scout out a building and check it's securities, files, snatch keys to copy, and all-around turn the place inside out for an operation. Essentially, it was a duty that while he was skilled at put him in near constant danger. Nonetheless he gladly took the opportunity, volunteering for infiltration whenever possible. A dedicated member he gladly would put his life on the line- Why, however, remains a mystery. Even when being promoted to greater status his continued to throw himself into the dangers. And it was, of course, such acts that would end his life.

It came down to a few simple mistakes. A failing to know that there would be dogs rotated into the guard force. A wrong-turn down a pathway due to misreading the map. A decision between getting caught and throwing himself off atop of a building and, perhaps, just maybe, surviving. The result of course is clear to the readers. Izaya fell to his death, refusing to have a life in prison. Yet despite the choice of suicide he does not wish to die. And so Izaya gladly, perhaps to the surprise of the Reapers, rejoined the game. His death was a mistake, a forced suicide that merely was the better of two evils. And he plans on erasing that stain on his soul, in order to return to society.

1. Everyone
2. Prefers to work alone
3. Both
4. For the sake of humanity

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Post by The Composer on Fri Apr 02, 2010 1:28 pm

Character Approved

Your Class is...Psychic.

Your starter Pin, along wit the Player Pin, is...Volt Man!

And your entry fee for the game shall be... Your epic switch blade! Mineeees! Bwahahahahaaaa!!!

π FTW!
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