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Post by NC on Mon Nov 23, 2009 3:55 pm

Madara Uchiha has gathered all the bijuu and executed his Moons Eye Plan. You, Naruto Uzumaki, have failed in your mission. All your friends have died and the world as you know it will come to an end. What will happen next? What will you do? How can you stop this?

Oh yeah, that's right. Haha. The "RESET" button.


........"Memory deleted"........



Naruto Uzumaki, you are now returning home from your 3 years of training with Jiraya. All your friends are waiting for you and are preparing for your welcome. Are you ready to start your adventure again?

Rewrite history or make your own adventure. It's your story. How will you end it?

This is Naruto Cyber.

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