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Lake Warriors, A Warriors RPG Empty Lake Warriors, A Warriors RPG

Post by LWAdmin on Thu Aug 20, 2009 11:41 am

Rain falls almost silently upon a lake, bushes near an island shake, then part to show several well fed cats fleeing a larger group of cats. The larger group gives chase, paws pounding the wet ground as they chase off the other cats. One of the other cats trips and falls to the ground, made victim by the larger group of cats as they each deliver a devastating scratch along the fallen cat's stomach. What could cause this? One of the fleeing cats is expecting kits and when her mate falls she lets pout a yowl of despair and turns to help him, only to be met with a wall of fur and claws. "Leave me." The voice is heard from the other side of the wall of cats, the expecting cats mate. "It is not our fault that we cannot control our fate, that StarClan has forsaken us my dear. Our affliction with this cursed nameless disease is not through any fault of ours. I love-" the rest of his words are covered by the large group of cats as they begin chanting "Exile!" over and over again. The expecting cat joins the others, and runs from the home they all once knew. The expecting cat is the first to stumble and let out a howl of pain, but she's not kitting right now. As she runs, the disease that all of the running cats is afflicted with shows its head as her body shifts and becomes that of a wolf. This is why these cats were exiled, because their affliction endangered the other cats.

The scene changes, showing a disheveled old shack, the door swings open and a book can be seen. The book lies open, and a golden pen lies beside it. As you begin to move closer, you see a lion curled upon the floor. The majestic beast stands up and meows at you. "You have seen what is happening to the Clans. We need your help. We need you to help write the story. The book lays upon the table, the pen waiting for your writers touch. Come, join the warriors and fill in the pages. But it is up to you what you write in this book. Will you etch a path of bloodshed and destruction? Will you carve a path of friendship and forgiveness? Will you leave a trail of high emotions as you form your own Clan? Will you accept the "tainted" cats, force them to fight to the death or exile them? Will you tread softly and be neutral to the goings on in case it's only the beginning to something larger? What will you fill the pages with? Join us and choose!" The lion turns to leave, vanishing as it does so and you find yourself back at the Lake, home of the

Please Join us!


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Post by LWAdmin on Thu Aug 20, 2009 11:43 am

The url didn't show up in my last post, it's here:


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