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Post by Mero on Tue Jul 21, 2009 9:58 am

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In a region far from it's cousins, Mysste lies in the middle of a great ocean. Here Pokemon of all types run free and happily. However, not everything is quite as great as one might think.

There is a criminal organization about by the name of Night Shade, and their goal is to create vicious shadow Pokemon. One of their more ominous ideas is capturing the Legendary Pokemon and turning them to shadows, so they may use them to destroy what we all hold so dear.

Night Shade's base is found deep in the Exxa Wastes, and there a Professor by the name of Umbra is constantly at work making these Shadow Pokemon and distributing them to the grunts working at Night Shade. So far, this group has laid waste to almost the entire portion of Eastern Mysste, which was once a happy, thriving community. Now all that remains are ruins and forgotten Pokemon.

Fortunately, there is another organization rising, one that fights Night Shade and all they stand for. They are called Lumyn, and they work diligently to protect humans and Pokemon alike. They have befriended most of the Legendary Pokemon, and even have a special home for them in part of their Nature Reserve.

Though Lumyn's efforts are great and helpful, they stand hardly a chance against the huge forces of Night Shade. Night Shade is even starting to effect people like the Elite 4, forcing them to do their bidding. Soon every trainer will be at risk as Night Shade rises to the glory they so desperately want. Will you join the forces of Lumyn to stop them, or will you go with dark Night Shade trainers? Or maybe you're just stuck in between this mess. Fight your way through the dangerous Pokemon world and follow the destiny laid out for you!

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