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Post by Rui Zeal on Fri Jul 10, 2009 9:32 pm

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The wars that once ravaged the planet Zi had long been in recession. The forces of the Guylos Empire and the Helic Republic had long faded into the past, having merged into an unified, stable government across the massive continent. War had come to a cease, and the zoids that played such a major role in the conflict were idle. In response to this, the government created a branch known as the Zoid Battle Commission, to start organizing battles across the continent.

The battles were varied, organized, and broadcast live over the networks across the entire nation. Through these, otherwise idle warriors and their zoids could sharpen their skills and keep themselves occupied, fighting each other for glory and cash. Some, however, resisted the rules that the ZBC placed on battles to make them fair. These people formed the Backdraft Group, and have been using their dark judges to conduct unsanctioned battles for some time now.

This RP takes place at the beginning of the Zoids New Century Zero storyline. The Blitz team is still a small, unknown group, and have not yet gained Bit Cloud or the Liger Zero. The Backdraft group has started, but is not as powerful as they get during the series. You do not need to know much about any of the anime series in order to join and start RPing.

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