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The FreeDamned [100+ members][LB] Empty The FreeDamned [100+ members][LB]

Post by Ghost on Wed Jul 01, 2009 5:44 pm

The FreeDamned [100+ members][LB] AndYou_ad

  • Extremely active horror fantasy rpg, featuring three different vampires, as well as lycans, werewolves, white and black angels, faeries, necromancers, nekos, humans, hunters, demons, shapeshifters, soul eaters and more; new creature developments on the way
  • Tons of places to roleplay, and new places added almost every month
  • Request to become apart of the plot, make your own place, create your own clan/family/whatever
  • Absurdly friendly and flexible staff on practically 24/7
  • May request to play a specific species should they not be listed
  • Much more! Click banner to see!


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