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Post by The Composer on Tue Feb 10, 2009 9:11 pm

You are Dead.

That is what he first says to you. You try to take it as a joke. You laugh at it or be the typical skeptical. You speak sarcastically back to him, asking is he the Reaper then. And you know what?

He is.

Your memories slowly returned. Whether it was a car accident, a killing in the backstreets, a family member's revenge, or your own self-destruction...You know it.

You're Dead.

But the man now tells you something. That you can have a second chance. As fear begins to crawl into your mind, you find yourself not wanting to be dead. That you want to live again. You don't care about what happened in your past, living is all that matters. And so he states.

Are you ready...To play a Game?

A game that would decide if you live, or be erased. And what was erasure? Simple...Your no longer continued existence. For your not alone. Countless others will attempt to gain a new life. But theres a twist. Something you will have to deal with, or fall amongst those who no longer exist.

A partner.

A partner you might wonder. And yes. To gain your own salvation, you might assist another in theirs. But even then, you may not succeed. For not only do others seek your goal. There are the Reapers of course, masters of the game. But more importantly there are,

The Noise.

Beings...no. Creatures. Monsters of unusual form, animalistic in form, and alien in purpose. These creatures will seek to come after you, erasing your existence. You'd have to fight them, using unnatural powers to face them down. But, only for a time.

You have Seven Days.

Seven Days to attempt to regain your life. One week to end the hell around you. Seven Days to survive the unusual and deadly game you play. One week to face the Noise and who knows else. But don't worry...Don't fret...Do not fear. For you see,

The World Ends with You

π FTW!
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