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Post by The Composer on Wed Jul 01, 2009 2:13 pm

Q. What are Noise?

A. The "Monsters" of The World Ends With You.

Q. What are Reapers?

A. In a way, they can be considered the Antagonists of the Game. Their job is to erase you.

Q. What are Players?

A. Players is anyone playing the game. Those that are dead who want a chance at a new life. Basically, YOU.

Q. We're dead?

A. That's right. You're dead. The whole point is to no longer be dead- By winning the game.

Q. Who is the Composer?

A. The Composer is the Maker of the Game- Both referring to the actual site and in Roleplay. Essentially, think of him as the god of the dead. Only he has the power to return you to life.

Q. Whats a Game Master?

A. Game Master is a high ranking Reaper who sets up the game. Essentially, think of him as the Marshall of the Reapers.

Q. What do Pins do?

A. Pins are power- They determine what attacks and abilities your character can do.

Q. Some people have the same Pins as me- Why?

A. The starter Pins, a group of twelve different ones, are given to people multiple times. Hence why they're called starter Pins. Pins can have multiples of themselves, so you won't get a "Unique" Pin from the start. You won't get the same Pins later on, however.

Q. I want to be a Reaper! How!?

A. Our original Reapers were chosen pretty much randomly. Becoming a Reaper can occur during story, however, those who make it to the end game but for some reason don't or are unable to choose life, may become Reapers instead.

Q. How come I don't have a number for Noise Control?

A. Under normal circumstances, only Reapers can control Noise. Players, in turn, are the only ones who can use Pin Fusion.

Q. I don't want a partner! Can I work alone?

A. Yes and no. It is essentially suicidal to work alone, not only because you have less firepower to work with, but also because Reapers can attack you without relent. Partners aren't a rule as much as a choice on wanting to survive.

Q. Is there more then Reapers and Players?

A. No comment... Razz

Q. How do I get experience?

A. By participating in the game. The amount given is determined by how much and well you roleplayed.

Q. Can I Trade/Make/Sell my Pins?

A. In the future, some of these options will be revealed. However, as this is the first week, will be simplifying things so we can get a move on.

Q. Who made this site?

A. Me. Cool looking ain't it?

Q. Will more questions be added to this FAQ?

A. Probably. ^.^

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