The Art of Roleplay - Shibuya Style!

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The Art of Roleplay - Shibuya Style! Empty The Art of Roleplay - Shibuya Style!

Post by The Composer on Tue Feb 10, 2009 8:05 pm

At our site, we follow all the standard expectancies of RPing. This includes at least legible grammar when posting (Far more lenient in OOC Topics and C-box) on the forum. This means small things from simply remembering to capitalize and punctuate your sentences and large things like not using slang and abbreviations in RPs, unless of course your character actually acts that way. When posting in new topics, make sure you're allowed to actually be there, and respect the Moderator's words, else you may find yourself kicked from the site.

Now, the number one rule I'd like you to keep in mind...READ THE RULES! And if you're with me so far, you're Awesome! Almost everything will have rules for you guys to look at for various questions. Try looking at them before asking people, as some may be busy or just be rude. And if you really are unsure, feel free to ask in the Shibuya Help Desk to quickly receive answer, whether it be from peers, or Mods/Admins

Now, to some more important Issues. While in RP, regardless of your outside status, your character is who he is. This means even if you're an Admin here, it doesn't mean your Character can start being godly. This also goes the same to Command structures, being if your Leader says something, expect consequences otherwise, though in game, of course. Being a rogue may seem fun, but it also makes you a target. Now, the Character limit is One. Breaking this will automatically have their character reduced to Level One. Exceptions, however, will be Special RP based characters, which will have permission by the Composer to be played.

In Combat Rules are fairly standard deal. No Godmodding. This means in simple terms, no controlling of another person's acting, no Auto-hitting or Auto-killing. In more specific terms, it also means ignoring another player's actions, making their character naturally strong and invincible. It also means not dodging/blocking every attack thrown at you. Thus, not Godmodding means playing your character both as he is, and should be. People who are finding themselves simply too much will be prosecuted. True, the line can be sometimes hard to determine. But I assure you, you shall know when you've crossed it. If you're unsure of whether or not something isn't fair, then feel free to ask. Asking beforehand, though may seem silly, can save alot of trouble, for others, and you.

Finally...This is not Naruto/Bleach/Code Geass/One Piece/Death Note/"Select Anime/Show/Video Game/etc...". This is The World Ends With You. This means terminology and histories from other sources that don't apply here will not be accepted. This means that some Kyuubi Naruto character posted will automatically be denied, as well as Darth Vader, Donkey Kong, and Kurosaki Ichigos. (Actually...Now that I think about it, he could fit here...Ugh, you get my point. >.>) More or less, stick the universe. You can be original, you just have to fit.

π FTW!
The Art of Roleplay - Shibuya Style! Shominamiaf7
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