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Post by The Composer on Tue Jun 16, 2009 10:47 pm

The Composer wrote:
Brought to you by Shiro Productions...

And Shiro's love of all things evil and epic...

I proudly present to you....



The word describes it all. The rotation of a small black circle. Looking around, one sees nothing but darkness and shadows. Yet they know, they're falling, but not sure where or why. He feels not pain, but cannot help but feel as if some black cloud hung over them. The truth... He wonders. Am I... He asks, unsure of how to answer his own question. And so...he seeks another. Someone. Anyone. Just one person...One person to answer...Yet he is alone. Surrounded by nothing. There is...


Memories fly past, echoes of reality flitting through as you are forced to know who you are...No. Who you were. Like a great puzzles, pieces form randomly, showing connecting with others as they find which parts go where. Your existence is dissected and analyzed as you hear the voices of those you know, a great storm of people. You may find them comforting, or hate it, finding it agonizing to listen to such noise, but your emotions don't matter. Because they don't care. Because you no longer have any rights. You don't even have the exist.

I'm concerned at the moment of the stability of it...It has never been a safe process, this game, and many here have found your duty to be more important then ever. Thus, I ask of you to, perhaps not spy, but do take caution and keen eye into this matter. We cannot make the right decision if we do not have the appropriate evidence in order to to deem the game...Let us say less then satisfactory. Continue your good work, and hope for your continued success.

- Sincerely, Deimanus

A figure stands alone atop a building, looking at the the blue sky with a smile upon his face. The cold air whisks past him, cutting into his open skin. The young man man merely looked on, a gold earring jingling slightly as it was disturbed by the breeze. The sounds of a city, cars going by, teenagers talking as they looked for clothing, company, or just something to do. Unaware of what existed beside them. Speaking casually, hurrying to work, drinking a morning expresso. It was all so...trivial. "People...Are just...pointless man..." His black wings flapped gently behind him, skeletal in appearance, contrasting his light blond hair. Humanity. A saddening prospect, trapped under the illusions of a single ground.

"What you cherish most..." She explained, strolling nonchalantly closer. "That's all. I don't know what it is. Maybe you don't know, hehe." She giggled. "But that doesn't matter. After all, you'll be gone soon. So sad...You're kinda cute!" With a sigh, she shrugged. "I suppose that's what you're forced to face with...Being what you are. I suppose I could say it isn't your fault, but then, well, blame doesn't solve things. It just makes you feel better..." Shrugging again, she smiled. "But don't worry. You're not important anyway. You don't need to be here, or anywhere. Take comfort...In your irrelevance."

Finally, you stop. You know its over. The cement beneath you is solid, real. Its not just a dream. You're facing something real, and even if its kinda scary, you're glad. Lying on the ground, you think its all over. And then you feel something else, something else...That fell. Small and round. Your eyes awaken to the sky, and trail down, you hand feels around it. A circular pin, black in color with a white skull on it. You wonder whose it was, where it come from. Voices sound all around you and you feel comforted...for a moment. Eyes pass you, people walk by you without a second glance. You know, it isn't a dream. But thats....Thats what you fear.

Its not a dream. Sounds began to ring, like an animals cry, a mix of Noise which echoes in your mind. You stand up, wanting to run, but not sure where to go. You grasp the pin fearfully, as if it were some key to what lay around you. People go on with their lives around you. But danger...No, evil surrounds you. You want to tell someone, but no one is listening. You don't want to be alone, but they don't see you. You want them to understand...But you're nobody to them. No, less...You don't even exist to them. And you know now that, suddenly, without a doubt...

You're Dead.

But don't worry....For you see,

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A wonderful world shall soon be revealed...

π FTW!
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