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.:Name: Naruto World

.:Genre: Naruto

.:Time Period: After the manga/Anime

.:Description: A basic Naruto RPG Forum. Nothing Fancy or glitzy.

    Two-hundred years after the Death of all know characters in the Shinobi world the Core villages are still standing. The Bijuu Sealed away still in the Demon stone which was lost after the great war that nearly annihilated the Akatsuki. Now the Shibousha Shousha is threatening the well being of Criminal and regular Shinobi alike.

    The Shibousha Shousha's objective? What the Akatsuki failed to do. Total cleansing of the Shinobi world to create a Utopia. Or so they see it.

    The problem requires the villages to unite and overtake the problem. Though as Countries continue to clash even after Naruto's reign as Hokage, the Shibousha Shousha becomes more powerful and destructive. Can the Shibousha Shousha be stopped before the seemingly inevitable Apocalypse? You decide.

.:URL: Naruto World

.:The Villages

.:The Admins

.:The Kages
    `Uchiha Kakura :Hokage:
    `Valdeo Valrogue :Kazekage:
    `Sakota :Raikage:
    `Ichi :Mizukage:
    `Sun Hirasoku :Tsuchikage:
    `Drahzar :Kaigi:
    `Ankoku :Shibousha Shousha Leader:


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