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Your Profile - What to put in? Empty Your Profile - What to put in?

Post by The Composer on Wed Mar 04, 2009 1:24 am

Your Profile can be edited from the tar bar, listed as "Profile." This information should be made after you've made your character, with most of it being editable by you.

The Image: Put an Image. Generally, you should a picture of your character, or as close as you can manage.

Name: Your Character's name. Duh.

Race: Your Race is automatically Player, and cannot only be changed by Administrators.(Aka, Admins.) To change this, request it.

Class: Classes are based on Rank, though the general amount of is three. Classes are determined based on how you answer the initial questions in your bio. Classes, like Races, are changed only by Admins and should be asked if the desire for it to be changed is made.

Experience: How much experience you have and how much is needed to level up. Pretty simple. Experience is granted from RP during missions, the amount requiring for each level gained.

Level: Your character's level, based on how much experience he has.

Pins: The information on all the Pins you currently possess. This should include all the information given to you from the topic you received it. When you first enter a fight, you should say which Pins you're currently using, the name being all thats really needed, as another player can view your pins from your profile.

Biography: Information for your character. Can be a brief description, a link to your original character, or complete overview on who they are and what they've done so far. Its all up to you.

Character Stats: Character stats. These are explained more so in the System guide. Simply, input the number that, at your level, you would have. The base numbers are Limit 1, Slots 2, and Rate 1.

π FTW!
Your Profile - What to put in? Shominamiaf7
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