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Post by The Composer on Fri Feb 20, 2009 9:01 pm

Our system here at the Shibuya is quite simple really, and allows us to rather easily determine strengths. Users will gain experience by participating in Moderated RPs and will gain levels for it, characters developing. Experience is determined by RP Quality, in which gaining 100 Points will gain their first step, Level Two. Each time you gain a level, the requirement increases by 10 points, meaning you'll need 210 experience for Level 3, or 110 more then you needed for Level 2. And then Lv.4 will require 120, Lv.5 130, etc...

Your Character's gains are determined by their "Class." Each race has three classes that determine their growth rates of your stats, typically with one rank gaining quicker, one moderate, and one slow stat. The three stats of the Player, the beginning race, is Pin Limit, which determines the rank of pins you can use, Pin Slot, which determines how many, and finally Fusion Rate, which determines how many fusion points you gain every 5 turns. The Three Player classes are Psychic, Synthesist, and Prodigy.

Prodigies are individual with a great will, forceful in character and direct. They are able to access with their unbreakable minds higher levels of Pins then normal users, yet are less able to connect with other individuals, due their their tendency to be loners. Prodigies gain a Pin Limit increase every Two Levels, A Pin Slot every Three Levels, and an increase in their Fusion Rate every Four Levels.

Psychics are those whom are extremely open-minded, even if they don't always get others. Their minds are unusually open, and their imagination large. Psychics have a less forceful will, but are able to understand many individuals, if not perfectly. Psychics gain a Pin Limit Increase every Four Levels, a Pin Slot every Two Levels, and an increase in their fusion rate every Three Levels.

Synthesists are individuals whom excel at the understanding of people, learning more through a person's actions and words. Though they can't get alot of things, they are able to "feel" their Partner, getting a better look into their world then others, and are empowered by them. Synthesists gain a Pin Limit Increase every Three Levels, a Pin Slot every Four Levels, and an increase in their fusion rate every Two Levels.

Experience is given typically in Missions that occur during the game. The better you play, the more you get in return. Thus, better RPers will have better characters. Simple, no? Keep in mind, however, that level does not determine a characters actual power. But rather, it determines their ability to access psyches. A higher level character using the same psyche as a lower will have the same power. The difference is the amount of ways, amount of pins, and the rank of the psyches the higher level player may use.

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