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Comin' to the Underground Empty Comin' to the Underground

Post by The Composer on Thu Feb 19, 2009 10:03 pm

The UG- The Underground. A place where those of the dead exist. Where the game takes place. But this ain't hell. Not really. For daily life goes on as you struggle to survive. People walk to work, drink coffee, go to school, buy a cute sweater. Why? Thats quite easy. You're a ghost to them, you, the Noise, the Reapers, all of it. You watch them go by and they don't. You fight to gain your life back while they live it.

The two planes of existence- The UG, Underground, and the RG, the Real Ground- Coexist besides one another, much like two lens. If you look through the Real Ground, you'll see nothing new. Just normal life. And then you put the UG over it, and you'll see not just the world you knew, but the hell you didn't. Reapers are special beings capable of crossing from the Real Ground into the Underground and back. But players aren't so lucky. They must live as ghosts do, watching those around them go by without a care while everything they hope for rides on the Game they are forced to play.

Pins are unique in this respect- Attempting to release one's power in the Real Ground would be silly, while in the Underground, they are capable of unleashing their psyche. Because of this Reapers in the real world appear as normal folk, as well as preventing Players who do somehow return to life from using the power of Pins. The relationship between the Underground and Realground is very much so- What occurs in one will in the other. The death of a person in the Realground will cause their Soul to enter into the Underground. However, death in the underground means erasure- To no longer exist.

In certain places, Players and Reapers are capable of entering the Realground yet retaining their powers and state of death. These are Marked by Emblems. Places such as stores, Missions requiring social interaction with those of the living, and other similar places will be marked. Even with the Underground unnaturalness, still so, is there said to be other planes of existence, greater still then the death you have found yourself in.

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